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In the following lines you will find a quick guide on how to setup your Vmix project to work with this Virtual Set.

If you are working with vMix virtual sets for the first time, you can take a free course with demo files included to learn how to work with vMix virtual sets on the following link: https://xpartano.gumroad.com/l/demo-vmix-virtualset

⚠️ This product will only work as a vMix virtual set. It will include all necessary files for Vmix. 3d files are not included.

⚠️ This product does not provide any vMix license. Therefore you will need to purchase a vMix license in order to work with this virtual set.

Project structure

The folder structure inside the project .zip file will be as follows:

  • CameraShots

    • Stage A: All camera shot folders for stage A.

    • Stage B: All camera shot folders for stage B.

  • ScreenReferences: Simple png references to facilitate the video production for each screen.

  • ScreenVideos: Reference videos for each of the screens.

  • CameraShotsScheme.png: A top down reference of the virtual set to check all the available camera shots. They are useful to guide camera positioning.

  • TalentSample.mp4: A sample talent to play around with the chroma key. You will need to replace this input in Vmix for your real camera.

ℹ️ Keep in mind that positions of cameras in the real stage should be similar to the camera shots given.

Below you can check all camera shots in the scene. You can use the image as a reference scheme for camera positioning.


Stage 1

Stage 2

Useful links

This links may be useful if you have any trouble setting up this virtual set.

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Hangarone | vMix Virtual Set

0 ratings
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